Friday, 5 March 2010

Uzbek Kings And Kelantan Royals

The royal house of Kelantan is known to have intermarried with Chinese royalty and Champa royalty from Vietnam.

It also intermarried with Uzbek (Mongol) royalty of India.

Specifically the Tughluq dynasty which ruled India from Delhi for a decade from 1321 and its relative noble families, all of them from Attila The Hun’s Uzbek royals in Uzbekistan.

The Kelantan royals received their Uzbek (Mongol) infusion courtesy of nobles and royals of the Madurai Sultanate, an offshoot of the Tughluq Sultanate.
The Madurai Sultanate controlled part of Tamil Country (Tamil Nadu) from 1335-1378.

The founder of the Madurai Sultanate was Jalaluddin Ahsan Khan who was also the father-in-law of Moroccan Arab traveller and historian Ibnu Battuta.

One of the nobles of the Madurai Sultanate was Syed Hussein Jamadil Kubra. He was a Sufi Muslim missionary and he went to Kelantan.

There he married into Kelantan royalty and from him came eight of the Nine Saints (Wali Songo) who brought Islam to Java, Borneo and the Bugis Lands (Sulawesi, Maluku and Tenggara Islands).

Sultan Ismail Petra of Kelantan is descended from Syed Hussein Jamadil Kubra, via Puteri Selindung Bulan, the daughter of Sultan Baki Shah and the wife of Syed Hussein.

Uzbeks and Kazakhs, like the Mongols of Mongolia, are a mix of Pashtun (Afghan, which is Parsee and Punjabi mixed), Armenian (also called Kurdish) and Tibetan (also called Burmese).

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